October 23

my avatar

My avatar is a very cool animal who has a very cool hairstyle and other cool stuff too. His name is Joseph. He is on A blog called boogie bloggers, look up on your device Boogiebloggers.edublogs.org and see our amazing blog website. It is a fun way to learn. We recommend sumdog, it is a fun safe online game for maths.

October 22

Who I am online

offline I am just a normal boy, but online I am a super kid who likes to play football, GAA, basketball, rugby, tennis and golf as sport. For toys I like playing with Nerf guns and army stuff. I have a ice family and dog that loves to play play and run with us, and my brother is young and likes to play, and also football with me. I like to play my iPad, Xbox 360 and my PS4. I play fifa, call of duty and car racing games. I have great friends and BFF’s. Look at the boogie bloggers website at boogiebloggers.edublogs.org.